Pastoral Care

Jesus’ ministry was marked by His compassion for those around Him. He healed those who were sick and released those who were held captive by various physical and spiritual conditions. He dealt with our sin and guilt and shame, and accepted us as His friends. We are called to follow His example today.

At St Michael’s this takes different forms:

Prayer – whether it’s praying regularly for each other with our Prayer Calendar, or writing a prayer request for the prayer board in church, or praying in House Groups or at home, prayer is a way of lifting those we are concerned about into God’s hands, and bringing God into their situation. And when we pray, God always does something, and sometimes He uses us as the answer.

House Groups – some members of the church are in House Groups and care for each other through those networks, as well as reading the Bible and praying together. This is a great way to feel a part of the church family.

Visiting – some are involved in pastoral visiting, dropping in on people to give company and comfort when it‟s needed. Some offer very practical help.

If you want to know more, please contact Rev Martin Green (01926) 613466.