Quality Time

The Quality Time service takes place on the first Sunday of each month, starting at 10.30am, and lasts for just half an hour, leaving the rest of the day free for family life. It is specifically geared towards families with young children, but everyone who is young at heart is welcome.

The content is fun, lively and varied. We very much encourage children to join in with the service and there is usually plenty of noise! We include drama, story-telling, dressing up, catchy songs with actions, a Bible reading and creative prayers. It is very informal and there are refreshments served after the service to provide time for the children to play, and for the adults to chat and get to know each other better.

The service has become very popular and we are discovering that many adults in the congregation are enjoying the experience as much as the children! Occasionally, we put on special events for the Quality Time children, such as puppet shows and shared lunches. We have also just started an online Bible study for parents who want to learn more about the Christian faith, but are unable to attend regular Bible study groups.

Do come along and join us, whatever your age!