AGM 2020 Reports Booklet

if you want to read the reports for 2019, please click the link above

Corona Virus update

here is a link to a video service for March 29th – it’s on Youtube and you can pause it at any time …

NOTE : you will need to copy and paste the link for the Matt Redman song, which we are not allowed to embed, and there is a picture here too that you or the children can colour in while you listen to the talk :

otherwise, it all plays through

(if you double click on the video it will go full screen and  sorry if any ads come up – click the x to remove them)

here is a paper copy too, with a special blessing which you may want to download/print

St Michaels at home #1


Jesus said ” I am with you always … “

I know some of you will be fearful, and others feeling lost and lonely;  these are strange times

but know this to be true – He is with you always, even though we can’t be together.

Be safe and care for each other



from the Diocese

Live streaming from home this Sunday

Some churches are planning to live stream from home this Sunday.

If you want to see what’s possible – and to experience the joys, uncertainty and mishaps – you might like to take a look at…


Quality Time


This Sunday, after QT, why not stay for coffee at our new QT Cafe ?  
Real coffee, decorated biscuits and a chance to chat while the children have fun.
We hope this will become a regular extension of our QT services …