India Appeal 2021

India Covid Crisis Response Appeal

Our brothers and sisters in Christ in India are hurting and a number of you have expressed a wish for us to respond by doing something positive.

By now, all of you will have seen the distressing news reports from India regarding the Covid infection rates, the lack of oxygen supplies, and the scenes inside and outside the hospitals and cremation centres. We have all experienced the issues that the pandemic has brought to us over the lockdowns of the last year – but we are grateful that at no time were we overwhelmed in the same way as India is now experiencing. There is a general sense of fear and helplessness in the face of such scenes. There is a safe way that we can help and it is allied to our own Foodbank that has been such a lifeline to so many.

This small Christian Mission led by Timothy Gaikwad – IMCARES, is already helping those in need in Mumbai working on the streets and in the slums and responding to the needs of those who are hungry. Timothy reports that whilst the medical crisis is what fills our news reports, there is also widespread malnutrition arising from the lack of daily paid work during the lockdown. This malnutrition lowers immunity to disease and infection, and it has been widespread in both city and countryside for the last year. Already the volunteers working through IMCARES are taking delivery of tons of dry goods to begin food pack distribution to the neediest. They give relief packets consisting of 3kg rice, 1 kg dal (lentils), 5kg wheat flour, 1 litre of oil and 2 antiseptic soaps. Each relief pack costs £5 and will provide a basic diet for a family of 5 for one week. They aim to reach out to 3000 very poor and needy families. This is a charity that Liz and I have known about for several years and everything is done in the name, and with the love of Jesus. Could we support them at this terrible moment and stand with them, demonstrating the love we have for those in need?

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Cheques made payable to: St Michaels Bishops Itchington

Please drop them off at the Vicarage or to me 5 Starbold Road, Southam. CV472TQ

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Clive Purser

m:07786076069 if I can help


Do please support this – it’s one way we can help bring hope and life into what’s a dreadful situation of suffering.